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Want to watch live, actual-play streams of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and tons of other cool tabletop RPGs? Follow our Twitch channel and tune in Monday and Tuesday nights! And if you miss us live, you can always catch up on YouTube. Here are the shows we’re running currently:

Candlegeek Mysteries

What: Three mismatched adventurers thrown together by fate, striving to break a terrible curse all through the power of…books? Join us for our playthrough of Candlekeep Mysteries a Dungeons & Dragons 5E module set from Wizards of the Coast.

When: Every Monday night 7:30-10:30 PM Mountain Time

Who: Em Earhart (Dungeon Master), Tori (Shembra Beimora), Matt (Shu Guan), Ian (Surat Xabla)


What: We’re playing Starfinder from Paizo in a space-faring adventure like no other!

When: Tuesdays 7:00-11:00 PM Mountain Time


What: Looking for your next favorite tabletop RPG? Check out a new game every other week as we play through one-shots with special guests. You could even win a free copy of that night’s game!

When: Specified Wednesdays 7:30-10:30 PM Mountain Time

Who: The Level 1 Geek team, plus tons of special guests