Tabletop Treasure Hunters

Thank you for joining us for Season 3 of Tabletop Treasure Hunters! In this home-brewed campaign using Pathfinder 2E, teams take turns each week playing through missions in a season-long competition to earn the most gold and renown for their guild. Choose your favorite faction and cheer them on to victory!

Join us for Season 4 coming in the fall of 2022!

Table of Contents

  1. The Company of Honor
  2. The Foresight Faction
  3. The Goldblood Mercenaries
  4. The Powder Pact
  5. Chat Interactions

Final Standings

Congratulations to our Season 3 winners: The Powder Pact!

FactionRenown Score
Powder Pact33
Foresight Faction31
Goldblood Mercs30
Company of Honor28

The Guilds

Which team will you cheer for? The valiant Company of Honor? The visionary Foresight Faction? The daring Goldbloods? Or the ingenious Powder Pact?

The Company of Honor

The Company of Honor is owned by a hierarchy of retired crusaders. Its members are champions of good, blessed by the deities. Even though this year’s crew of goblins don’t look like a typical team from the Company of Honor, they are ready bring Golarion one step closer to peace and prosperity.

Snot Knot
Snot Knot, Goblin Champion

Snot Knot once enjoyed the bloodshed and violence that most people associate with goblin-kind. But after one harrowing and enlightening experience, she found a new path in following Lady Longshanks. Today, she champions the Lady’s cause by blasting evildoers with moonbeams from her mouth.

Chich-kee, Goblin Monk

Chich-kee earned his name when he was just a pre-toddler—he brawled with his other five cousins for an apple core (‘chich kee’ in Goblinese) and won. Now, years later his pugilist skills come in handy for quite a few more pressing situations.

Piolb, Goblin Cleric

Piolb the little one who dashes far, who wanders in nature beneath the stars! With body frail and goblin fear, Piolb with faith shouts “Guess who’s here?!” Here we must end this goblin song, a vote for Piolb will do no wrong!

The Foresight Faction

Knowledge is power, and luck is just good preparation. These are the core beliefs of the Foresight Faction. Despite their love of research, they know there’s no replacement for field work. When there’s trouble on the horizon, you can bet the Foresight Faction is already planning a solution.

Evelin Vesper
Evelin Vesper: Elf Oracle

Evelin Vesper found herself drawn to the Foresight Faction after spending her time as a traveling fortune teller. She often has her head in the clouds and follows the wind and stars to wherever they lead her. There are rumors that she has been spotted playing fetch with skeleton dogs on one or more occasions.

Tsokra Tak: Tengu Investigator

Tsokra adjusted insurance rates for a living with Scathome before joining the Foresight Faction. Now he works to end high premiums by stopping insurable events before they happen. Just one more way Scathome is fighting to make sure YOU pay less so you can do more with your home or business.

Ryden: Fetchling Summoner

Ryden’s from the land down under. The Shadow Plane. Despite his fetchling roots, he wants to know everything about every creature he lays eyes upon. Especially the summoned ones. He’s even willing to risk a few non-important body parts, as long as his eidolon Kona is around to get him out of his self-created messes.

The Goldblood Mercenaries

“Fight together! Drink together! Try not to die together!” You can hear the Goldbloods chant this motto before every round of drinks celebrating another job well done. They are a guild of elite mercenaries that treat each other like family. Coin, drink, and a good fight are the pillars of this guild.

Mavis Prynne: Halfling Ranger

Mavis Prynne has one motto in life: “If we’re all going to die anyway, might as well die great.” And greatness is what she aspires to—all while looking her best in her signature flower crown. Watch out world, this halfling is coming in hot!

X the Human Bard
X: Human Bard

Growing up in the music district, X received an education at the feet of the greatest metal bards in the land. But it wasn’t until the lead lutist of Mana gave X the smashed neck of a lute that his journey into music began. Now, X has teamed up with the Goldbloods and his new best friend Teal on a quest to play the biggest show in the world.

Teal Tinbrook
Teal Tinbrook: Human Fighter

Teal is the youngest of 7 brothers, each of whom taught her essential life skills like how to braid hair, swing a sword, or bake artisanal bread. Since her father and one brother are celebrated members of the Goldbloods, she’s eager to live up to the Tinbrook family name in this year’s competition.

The Powder Pact

There is no scent sweeter than the burn of black powder or the aroma of alchemy. No sight more enthralling than a bright explosion or a shiny new piece of gear. Nothing more thrilling than an equation solved, a problem remedied, or a threat eliminated at the hands of one’s own creation. This is why the most brilliant inventors, artificers, and crafters flock to the Powder Pact.

Mij: Kobold Rogue

Mij is a proper young kobold with a greed that rivals that of her draconic ancestors. Magic, gold, and hats, will all be hers… and if she cannot earn a fortune, she will surely craft it. From a young age, the little rogue was collecting—sometimes from scrap heaps, sometimes from pockets of unwitting strangers—and cobbling her findings together into items of true greatness!

Bravegut Grimkitchen
Bravegut Grimkitchen: Ratfolk Alchemist

Bravegut is head chef and owner of A La Rongeur, Absalom’s premier underground restaurant. Growing tired after years of fine dining, Bravegut is using the considerable resources of the Powder Pact to pursue his darker fascination: using strange and arcane recipes to transform the body…

Gilgamesh: Sprite Inventor

Gilgamesh may be small, but he is not of small spirit. His pride and ingenuity know no bounds. Having been alive for so long, he’s determined to leave his mark upon the world as a warrior and an inventor. Perhaps his finest creation is the large mech he uses for walking, adventuring, and…pretty much everything else.

Chat Interactions

Watch our stream live to help the heroes or beef up the villains! Here are all the ways you can interact with our show:

  • Affirmation Bar- Give mana to move the bar, giving a bonus to the heroes (players) or to the villains (GM)
  • Hero Points- Once the affirmation bar is all the way toward the heroes’ side, spend mana to gift hero points to the character(s) you choose. Each team has a unique way they can use their hero points. Players can also use hero points to recover when their character is at the brink of death.
  • Villain Points- Once the affirmation bar is all the way toward the villains’ side, spend mana to gift villain points to the GM. The GM will then use these points during an encounter to beef up the enemies and add chaos to the fight.
  • Blessings- When you Subscribe, Gift a Sub, or cheer 500 bits, you can let the deities smile upon a character of your choice with a special blessing. Our Patreons can also gift one free blessing per session.
  • Guild Bag- Spend mana to gift useful items to characters during a session, straight from their guild HQ. Type !bag in chat to see the item options for that session.
  • Random Character Fact- Redeem mana to request a random fact about one of the characters. You can either ask a question or leave it up to the player to decide what to share!