What is Level 1 Geek?

There’s a geek in all of us.

But if you’re anything like me, you don’t always feel like you have permission to express that geek side. Especially with a hobby like Dungeons & Dragons. As a result, many people who might actually love playing D&D never give it a try.

My mission is to change that. Level 1 Geek is a place where people from everywhere—geeks, bookworms, sports fans, granolas, and everyone in between—can learn about D&D and embrace their geek side.

About the Author

Tori Fica, Creator of Level 1 Geek
My name is Tori, and I’m a Level 1 Geek.

I was introduced to the world of tabletop RPGs and Dungeons & Dragons just a few years ago by a dear friend. He wore me down over the course of four whole months to convince me to give it a go. You see, I didn’t think I was at that level of geekiness. Video games? Sure. Superheroes? Yeah, alright. But sitting around a table talking about elves and dragons and magic swords? Ehhhh…

Nevertheless, I agreed (mostly so he would stop bugging me). I’ve never been so glad about appeasing someone in my life. Now, Dungeons & Dragons has become one of my favorite hobbies, and I’ve seen what a positive impact it can have for people of all backgrounds.

At Level 1 Geek, I’m trying to help others find the permission, courage, and direction they need to jump into D&D with both feet. Because you don’t have to be a super geek to find joy, creativity, friendship, and more from this hobby—you can start at Level 1 like the rest of us.