What is Level 1 Geek?

We are a team of geeks who are out to create a fun, safe place where everybody can learn about tabletop roleplaying games and level up their geek side. We create educational content, review a bunch of different tabletop RPGs, and stream Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder (plus tons of indie games) on Twitch. Together, we want to help every newcomer jump into this hobby with both feet!

Want to get in touch? Email us at team@level1geek.com!

The Team

Tori Fica, Creator of Level 1 Geek
Tori Fica

Tori Fica is the creator of Level 1 Geek and official handler-of-words for the team. She played her first TTRPG in 2015 to appease her friend and has been obsessed with the hobby ever since—enough to write a whole blog about it. She enjoys goofy NPCs, cool fight scenes, and happy endings. These days you can find her playing or GMing on stream, writing stuff, and managing the website.

Chase, Level 1 Geek
Chase Ingraham

Chase Ingraham is a professional GM and plays a spell caster every chance he gets! As a rules jock, he has dumped Wisdom in exchange for Intelligence to the chagrin of everyone around him. Armed with both Intelligence and Charisma, this extrovert takes charge of the tech side of things (for which we’re all very thankful) and manages the Level 1 Geek Discord and Twitch channel.

Emily, Level 1 Geek
Emily Earhart

Emily Earhart is a TTRPG addict and professional GM. When she’s not inhaling sweet, sweet indie games, she’s brainstorming character concepts or overcommitting to how many games she can play in a single week. Determined to have a finger in every pie, she brings graphic design, production, and video editing skills to the table, and she’s always happy to fill the GM or player seat on a stream.